Christy is not a therapist, life coach or a psychologist.

Christy is just an average woman and like most, has experienced overwhelming mid-life challenges.

She just refused to let them get the best of her.

Starting over really sucks, but it’s never too late to start.

When the probability of getting divorced is 50% and increases to 65% for second marriages, it’s time to hedge your losing bet and change the odds! FINDING HER is an inspiring, light-hearted podcast that targets women experiencing the same agonizing WTF crossroad and tasked with an unwavering need to discover their value during a moment of personal crisis and perpetuated disruption.

Despite their initial life path potentially being vastly different, women of similar age are finding themselves at the exact same agonizing crossroad. FINDING HER will expose a series of hardships experienced by uniquely categorized women from a GenX perspective that have been coincidentally impacted financially and emotionally through challenging marriages and questionable decisions; leaving them on the brink of despair. Each hour-long episode will be anchored by Christy Bareijsza, who is not a therapist, life coach or a psychologist, but rather a catalyst. Christy learned the hard way how to deal with personal rejection, disappointment and utter dismay through accountability, determination and creativity in order to rebuild her confidence and reclaim her autonomy. Christy’s uncanny ability to see problems clearly and uncover realistic solutions in a non-judgmental but entertaining manner, has made her the go-to source for female motivation. Each episode will address a specific and often uncomfortable topic in order to reveal the unconscious road block and meet it with a tangible experience to build a new direction for success. Despite these fear driven challenges, listeners will quickly realize this not a new life chapter, but rather a lesson about survival!

Life is messy, but we are in this together.

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